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Pupils through the United States Of America

The university no longer participates in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Student Loan Program, also known as the Direct Loan Program as of the 2019 Fall Term. This implies pupils with US citizenship will no be eligible to longer get financing through the Direct Loan Program while attend the University of Saskatchewan.

With you to defer the interest on your existing direct loan if you had a direct loan prior to attending USask, we can work. Please contact pupil. Loans@usask.ca to find out more.

If required, we encourage one to explore other money options including personal Loans and USask bursaries and scholarships.

If you’re considering personal Loans, we encourage one to research the conditions and terms very carefully. Personal figuratively speaking are nonfederal loans, produced by a loan provider such as for instance a bank, credit state or union agency.

Government of Saskatchewan – 2019-2020 education loan modifications

The 2019-2020 scholar Loan Handbook contains information that is valuable the education loan system, including:

  • Modifications when it comes to brand new education loan 12 months, starting on August 1, 2019
  • That is qualified;
  • How assistance that is much can get;
  • Funds you could qualify for;
  • Scholarships;
  • Keepin constantly your eligibility whilst in college; and
  • Repaying the learning education loan.

Please browse the handbook very carefully before using for pupil loan.

Figuratively speaking

Federal Government student education loans and funds makes it possible to fund your training. They have been interest-free when you are at school full-time. There are two primary main types of federal government education loan programs:

In the event that you nevertheless have actually questions regarding figuratively speaking after reading the given information below, please contact pupil Central.

Other loan programs

  • Crisis assistance that is financial
  • Lines of credit and bank loans
  • Other loan information

Determine eligibility

You’re entitled to make an application for a national federal government education loan if you’re:

  • A Canadian citizen or permanent resident, or designated being a protected individual
  • Signed up for or qualified to enrol as being a full-time* pupil (unless you intend to utilize for that loan as being a part-time pupil)
  • Approved for the reduced program load – you really must be registered in at the least 6 credit devices per term (40% of the full program load) so that you can keep full-time status* regular is understood to be using nine credit devices per term installment loans in california (typically three classes for many undergraduates)* if you’re enrolled at one or more organization, to be looked at a full-time pupil your combined program load should always be comparable to nine credit units per term (typically three classes for many undergraduates)

Loans are designed to supply a assisting hand that can perhaps perhaps not pay money for your complete post-secondary training. You may have to augment other sources to your loan of capital.

Spring and Summertime loans

To qualify for a full-time student loan throughout the springtime and/or summer time terms:

  • Your enrolment needs to be at the very least 6 consecutive days in length (except in case for which you have actually an educatonal loan extended)
  • You need to carry on being signed up for 60% or even more of the full program load, which is defined in line with the wide range of quarters that you will be signed up for (see chart below) and achieve effective conclusion.
  • If you’re authorized for a diminished program load, you really must be signed up for 40percent of the full course load, which is defined in line with the amount of quarters that you’re enrolled in (see chart below).

You might be ineligible for education loan capital for almost any period of time whenever you are registered in 0 credit devices.

Quarter registered in minimal credit units required Reduced Course Load Start/end dates
Q1 extension (see below) 2 credit devices or even more 1.5 credit devices or more May 8 – May 31
Q1, Q2 4 credit units or even more 3 credit devices or more May 8 – June 26
Q1, Q2, Q3 6 credit devices or maybe more 4.5 credit devices or more May 8 – July 22
Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 8 credit devices or higher 6 credit devices or even more might 8 – August 16
Q2, Q3 4 credit devices or maybe more 3 credit devices or even more June 3 – July 22
Q2, Q3, Q4 6 credit devices or even more 4.5 credit devices or higher June 3 – August 16
Q3, Q4 4 credit devices or even more 3 credit devices or higher June 27 – August 16

Spring Term = Quarter 1 (Q1), Quarter 2 (Q2)Summer Term = Quarter 3 (Q3), Quarter 4 (Q4)